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Posted By: widowmaker
13-Apr-03 - 07:27 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shipping Forecast (Les Barker)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Les Barker's 'Shipping Forecast' anyone?
Here is the shipping forecast as at 0700 G M T. this morning
Cow in sea area shannon moving slowly eastward and filling
sorry that should read low in sea area Shannon
and now the area reports
Viking, north Utsirra, south Utsirra,East Utsirra, west utsirra, South West
Utsirra and North East Utsirra wind south west rain at times good
Forties Fifties Sixties, Tyne Dogger, German bight, French kiss, and Swiss roll, westerly becoming cyclonic good.
Wight, portland, plymouth Ginger Rogers and finistere; light flatulence, some rain, very good.
Luny, fundy sundy, and mundy; wind south-west becoming cyclonic bloody marvellous.
Rockall; sod all wind heavy showers, absolutely incredible
Malin, Hebrides, Bailey Fair Isle, Cardigan, Pullover and South est Iceland
wind south east, rain at times, slightly disappointing

and now the reports for the coastal stations

Tiree, wind north west 7 miles one thousand and four rising slowly
Butt of lewis: north, 5 miles one thousand and six falling
Wolverhampton: north west as far as the ring-road nine nine eight rising
Norway nil points
Luxembourg: deux points
Grand Bretagne huit points

hope this helps byeeeeeeeeeeeeee