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Posted By: John J
17-Apr-03 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
Subject: RE: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
What's really worrying is that these clowns are running the country.

How many other bloody stupid things are they trying on that we aren't aware of?

I can't seriously believe that 'they' are out to make money from our activities (this is going to cost a lot of money just to administrate), the goverment waste a huge amount of money even on a good day. These characters wouldn't last two minutes in the real commercial world.

A very recent and very local (to me) event: a Job Centre Plus in Wythenshawe, South Manchester, recently moved premises. All the new (less than two years old) office furniture in the old location was skipped / given away. The new location has been fitted out with brand new furniture and equipment at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Any manager of a commercial company would have quite rightly lost his job for pulling such a stunt. The Civil Service seem to waste our money like it's going out of fashion. Then they put tax up to finance their sprees.

I just can't take this bunch of lunatics seriously.