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Posted By: GUEST,Peter from Essex
18-Apr-03 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
Subject: RE: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
For the benefit of GUEST 11@26 AM - local authorities normally require 5 million pounds public liability cover for street entertainment.

Alexis - the act as originally worded made every single performer in a choir, orchestra or dance troop criminaly liable if they personaly failed to check the status of the venue. The only serious "improvement" to come out of the debate is that this has been changed so that only the person responsible for taking the booking carries that liability now.

The expemption for "garden parties" should protect Bampton, assuming that that is what the act actualy says and not just DCMS spin. For the street dancing will it be possible to license the whole town as one venue or will each stand require its own license?

I am still trying to work out the point of Roger's post about PRS. The issuing of PRS licenses has nothing to do with local authorities' responsibility for licensing of venues and never has done.