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19-Apr-03 - 12:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: The insult of the sole of the foot Q
Subject: RE: BS: The insult of the sole of the foot Q
The sole of the foot is unclean, both actually and ritually, since the foot walks through all manner of filth and ordure. Therefore, to show the sole of the foot or to stamp on someone or hit them with a shoe is a dreadful insult. It says that the other person is like the filth through which the foot travels daily.
The left hand is also ritually unclean, since it is the hand used to cleanse oneself after bodily eliminations. You should never pick up food with the left hand, for example.
Sorry that I can't refer you to some primer on Arab manners or go into deeper detail, but this is about all I know on the subject at this point.