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Posted By: Mooh
21-Apr-03 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: How heavy are your strings?
Subject: RE: How heavy are your strings?
Virtually always D'Addario phosphor-bronze strings on everything. Lights on the 12 string unless I want to keep it tuned down for prolonged periods in which case I'll string up with mediums. Lights on the 6 string, though often mediums if it's tuned down. Heavy guage on the baritone tuned C# to C# (or some variant). Medium Flattops on the Harmony for lapstyle. Lights on the mandolin (a very light flat top Moon). Hard tension on the nylon string. "Nines" on the telecaster. Flat-wounds on the 5 string bass. I forget what're on the banjo, string bass, and fiddle.

Using the rule of guaging up to tune down to maintain something like the intended tension seems to work okay for me. The baritone guitar took a lot of experimentation before I settled on heavy guage strings. I went through dozens of custom sets as low as .080 to get down in pitch. For a long time I used a .066 sixth string and the lower five strings of a medium set (all moved up one), but have compromised to the heavy set for convenience. I should try the .066 set again now that the guitar has matured more. The downside has been two extensive setup jobs and many minor setups. No matter, I love tinkering with guitars!

Peace, Mooh.