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Posted By: Ebbie
21-Apr-03 - 09:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
Subject: RE: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
katlaughing, Millionaire is still going, hosted by a woman now instead of Philbin. I don't watch it but have seen it listed.

Interesting that it was an army officer. Guess military cadet school honor training didn't take.

As kat said, how did the friend/aide know which were the right answers? It would still be cheating, of course, even if every answer the friend coughed had been incorrect, because consulting someone for their answer is limited, by rule.

I remember the $64,000 quiz show scandal; guess it's not surprising that someone now and again will try to cheat their way into the big money. Back in the 50s, $64,000 was a LOT of money- wonder if a million today is about equivalent?