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Posted By: The Walrus
21-Apr-03 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
Subject: RE: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
I must sat that I'd like to have heard the coughs in relation to the rest of the background noise (they were played as a seperate sound track over the video).
I've no doubt that he tried to cheat, but whether it was as blatent as the (Celador?) documentary made out is another matter.
And call me cynical, but isn't it convenient that EVERYBODY interviewed was certain they were cheating (interviewed after the trial).
As a matter of record, one member of staff thought it unusual that he should have used two lifelines at a fairly low stage and still made it up to the £1M question, well, I answered the same questions and got caught on the same 3 questions as the major (although I did have an idea about the river, I didn't know the soap opera question and the 'Craig David answer was a WAG).

2:30 and can't sleep.