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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
22-Apr-03 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
Subject: RE: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
I agree Walrus. I was not impressed with the "documentary" but still have no doubt they cheated.

For the record, I watched the program with my brother. He managed most of the questions but again got stuck on the Coronation Street character. There seems to be some belief that people should know everything about popular soaps and that questions on them are easy. I've no doubt that there are plenty of people around who could get tripped up on such a bit of trivia but answer seemingly far more "difficult" questions.

I wish I'd had the million pound question BTW. I can't guarantee I would have gambled that sort of money but I think I would. Perhaps surprisingly, like the major, I'd never heard of a googol. I do however know the meanings of the prefixis giga(10^9), mega(10^6) and nano(10^-9) and would have eliminated the words starting with them.