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Posted By: Penny S.
22-Apr-03 - 07:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
Subject: RE: BS: UK millionaire fraud-guilty?
I'm not very impressed at an army major who doesn't know the name of a river in Northern Ireland - I would have thought that sort of thing was part of training? And if it isn't, why not? The cough with a disguised "No" was a convincing part of it, though I too would have liked to hear the coughs with the other background noise. Did his wife only cough when Tecwen didn't know the answer? Did Tecwen only cough at the crucial questions? (Stupid if they did, but I never thought being in Mensa ment you weren't stupid.) (There was an article by Jon Ronson in the Guardian, and apparently the major was wearing a Mensa badge during the trial.) And I'm not very impressed at the sort of winners they have, either. A descendant of a royal mistress, a man who already has a couple of million.. I can't help thinking these sort of prizes should go where there is need - except those sort of people wouldn't be able to afford the initial process.