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22-Apr-03 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
Subject: RE: UK Government to license Morris Dancing
The following From Hamish Birchall

I must apologise for a misunderstanding on my part concerning the
Government's intentions for private events that provide 'regulated
entertainment' in order to raise money for good causes.

I thought the Government had amended the Bill to ensure they were not caught.

This is not the case. The Government intends that these events will
be illegal unless licensed, except where the intention is simply to
recover costs. The MU website will be updated accordingly as soon
as possible.

When the Bill was in the Lords, the Government withdrew the Bill's
sub-paragraph that defined 'with a view to profit' as including 'any
case where that entertainment is, or those [entertainment] facilities
are, provided with a view to raising money for the benefit of a charity.

However, this did not alter the section of the Bill that renders private events licensable where regulated entertainment is provided if the event is 'for consideration and with a view to profit'.

At last week's first meeting of the new music advisory group for the
DCMS, clarification on this subject was sought from Andrew
Cunningham, who chaired the meeting.

His explanation went something like this:

if people sold tickets for a private event with the intention of making a profit or surplus (even if this is for a charity or
good cause), then the event is licensable.

However, if people were not charged with the intention to make a profit, i.e. they were simply asked to chuck some cash in a bucket if they felt like it, then the event would not be licensable.