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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
22-Apr-03 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: Help: Pace Egging?
Subject: RE: Help: Pace Egging?
Train Guards are all b!"£$%^s!!!

(Sorry TG of this cafe - couldn't resist it in context)

Just finished doing the Pace Egg play in Lancaster. Full of good cheer and Pussers rum. Got on the platform at Lancaster with half a dozen like minded idiots. Went for a wee. Came back. Train is at the platform, stationary. I press the button to open the door, nothing happens. I press it again, Lancaster train guard (or platform operative to be correct) comes running up saying

"You can't get on that train. It is moving!"

"No it's not" says I.

"Ah, but the flag has been shown and the driver cannot open the doors now", says he.

The train actualy moved about a minute later. He didn't use the jobsworth phrase but I suspect he was getting pretty near.

I was pretty restrained considering, but when the Glasgow to Plymouth intercity appeared about two minutes later (stopping at Preston where I could change) and he said "You can't get on that - It's an intercity!" I did tell hime where he can shove his flag...

I arrived at Salford Crescent about 6 minutes after the others. Not bad considering:-)


Hector the Pace Egger aka Dave the Gnome