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Posted By: Ebbie
22-Apr-03 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: American jokes
Subject: RE: BS: American jokes
I guess one of us conservative types should inform Strupag that if the ice-berg melted or was bombed into smithereens and then melted, the water level would actually fall. Ice has more volumne than water and if you took a sealed bottle of water and left it in the freezer overnight, it would swell and break. If fact, if the whole North Pole melted, it has be estimated that the sea level would drop about 18 inches. Or take a glass of ice cubes and water and fill it to the very rim of the glass, then come back later... But then again, Bush, unlike most liberals, knew that... and the Aide was a holdover from the former Administration... Claymore

OK, I already know that I'm a literal-minded person but- SURELY you jest, Claymore? Ice sheets and glaciers at the poles are ABOVE the water, and if they were to melt and fall into the ocean, there would be MORE water.