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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
26-Apr-03 - 07:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Websites come & go- Kytrad
Subject: RE: BS: Websites come & go- Kytrad
kat, if it came up quickly for you, I'd guess you either have cable or DSL. One problem with Java is the time it can take for the class files to download. Like many, I am stuck with a dial up connection and to make matters worse, round here, the best the phone lines can manage is 28.8K. You could be 50+ times faster than me and there is nothing I can do about it - I'd leap at the chance of broadband here if it existed.

Hopefully, one day, these concerns will become a thing of the past but at least for now, my personal view is to try and ensure things work as quickly as possible for those with lesser systems (connections and computers). I'm not suggesting that things that would take me time, e.g. a video should not be used - they should - or that there is no case for using more "advanced stuff" but that it may be a good plan to make sure a "main page" comes up quickly and that everyone can see the basic information.

This is just my opinion and I could of course be wrong but I feel it could make the difference between someone giving up on a site before giving it a chance (I've done it many times - just thought "I can't be bothered with this and hit "back" before a page downloads) and sticking around.