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Posted By: Dead Horse
26-Apr-03 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
Subject: RE: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
I'm sorry if you disagree, but to sing of homosexuals in a comical way does not make you homophobic, anymore than singing about beating the French makes you a Francophobe. And I often use the word "nigger" when singing some shanties because it was coloured seamen who made the songs popular. To disguise the word by substituting "sailor" seems to be abhorant somehow, and I wont do it even if a negro is in the audience. (It has happened, and after we explained the song to them, they agreed that it should be sung that way)
What next? Are we to refrain from singing songs about sexual conquest on the grounds that it degrades women?
Drinking songs that might offend alcoholics?
"As I went a-walking one morning in May"......oh bugger, cant sing that, theres a wheelchair present.
If I dont see offence in a song, I will damn well sing it.
If you are too delicate or self righteous to listen, you have my permission to leave.