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Posted By: GUEST,Curious George
26-Apr-03 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
Subject: RE: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
Help me out with something here. I live in a large Metropolis with a substantial gay community. I work with gay folks, socialize and in general interact, and have for many years.

Here's my problem. I've never in all this time encountered one gay man who would waste his time "being friends" with the kind of people who are always justifying their conservative values with the old "some of my best friends are gay" crap.

Assuming these people hang out with other conservative "pro Bush, Cheney, Thatcher, Ashcroft" types and supporters, what do these gay "best friends" do? Try to change the conversation? Just say "Hey, I know you guys hate me but can I still one of your best friends?" It boggles the mind.