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Posted By: Burke
27-Apr-03 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Old Rosin the Bow / Rosin the Beau
Subject: RE: Anybody know 'Old Rosin the Bow'?
Masato, take at look at Help me to Sing p. 376 in the Sacred Harp. The words keep rolling in my head because we sing it much more than Sawyer's Exit.

The meter is the same, 9,8. They are both triple time with long held notes at the beginning & end of each line so they feel a lot alike. Are these major/minor variants of a basically similar tune, or am I being decived by the similar feel of it.

Sawyer's Exit, being in the 1st appendix, was first published in 1850, Help me to Sing is in the 1859 appendix.

PS, the E-sol (round note) in the 3rd measure should be d-sol. The shape is correct, the place on the staff is wrong.