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Posted By: Teresa
11-Jul-99 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Clean text for the blind
Subject: RE: Clean text for the blind
Hi, All, Well, let's see. I'm totally blind, and I use Windows 98 and a Braille Lite 40 display. I also use the JFW screen reader. I can read all of the HTML formatting perfectly well with Internet Explorer 5. I don't find any formatting commands or spacing problems in the Mudcat posts. Also, I write my messages in the Outlook Express email program, or any other editor, and then paste them into the message box. If I should ever be brave enough to post lyrics, I know I could insert an HTML line-break after each line. The only circumstance in which I see formatting is when I view the source of an HTML document. I'm wondering if this happens with a text-based browser like Lynx? My introduction to the Internet is through Windows, and I don't have a lot of experience with text-based software--not even DOS is as familiar to me as Windows. If Legal Eagle, the blind friend, or anyone else would like to contact me, you can at Take care, Teresa