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Posted By: sian, west wales
29-Apr-03 - 07:48 AM
Thread Name: Conversation With Death
Subject: RE: Conversation With Death
Not a conversation, but in a very similar vein (ie. young man trying to escape his fate) is the Welsh "Angau" (Death) sung to a minor key variant of the tune "All Through the Night". (Yes, the one that used to be in all the community song books in the '50s.)

Roughly translated:
Lying in bed, I couldn't sleep all night doubtless because my mind was dwelling upon my journey.

I called for a basin and water to wash myself but before I could get a drop on my cheek, Death was there, sitting on the edge of the basin.

I went to the church to pray, thinking that he would not follow me there, but before I could get up from my knees, Death was sitting on the bench.

I went to a closed room to hide thinking that he would not follow me there but although the room was closed tight, Death came up from under the ground.

I went to the sea and started to row thinking that he wouldn't be able to swim but, before I reached the deep waves, Death was the ship captain.

Farewell, girls; farewell, lads. Farewell to the everygreen songs of youth. God forgive me my sins. I must go now to follow Death.