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Posted By: Lanfranc
29-Apr-03 - 07:43 PM
Thread Name: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
Subject: RE: HOMOPHOBIA in British Folk Movement
Around the time that homosexuality was de-criminalised (between consenting adults at least) there was a song that had a brief vogue, though I'm damned if I can remember who wrote or sang it (perhaps as well!)- the chorus ran:

"They've just made it legal for Hubert and Cecil
For ? and Patrick as well
Up in the big city, politicians took pity
There's something queer going on here..."

My recollection was that it was more of an affectionate piss-take than homophobic (the word did not exist in the 1960s, did it?).

In the 60s I heard many jokes told about denizens of the Coleherne (a well-known gay pub on Old Brompton Road) whilst frequenting the Troubadour half a block away in SW6, but it was always good-humoured to my recollection - they probably told similar stories about the long-haired hippy folkies in the Troub.