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30-Apr-03 - 12:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pre-Sanitised Education - listen to show
Subject: RE: BS: Pre-Sanitised Education - listen to show
Kat. Many school boards agreed that teaching reading by the old phonetics method was wrong. Teachers where I live were instructed not to teach reading by using the phonetic system. Now it is back in use, but only for slow learners. An attempt to re-create the wheel by people who have forgotten the meaning of circumference?
In the 1960's Inuit children were judged to be retarded, because when they were given the standard school tests, they could not recognise different trees, or identify city road signs. ( not many of either around in Baffin Island) Challenge a young person with interesting subjects, and promote discussion in class, they soon start to learn.
Sometimes the old methods are best.