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Posted By: Fortunato
30-Apr-03 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: Review: PHILLY FOLKSONG SOCIETY Reviews
Subject: Brad Litwin: "You Rascal, You"
    Another '02 winner was "You Rascal, You" from local traditionalist, Brad Litwin, who is as comfortable in the jazz idioms of the past as Winona Rider is a department store. Come to think of it, with releases by Litwin, Browne and the sorely missed Dave Van Ronk, 2002 was a good year for folkies finding their fathers' favorite funk. Can it be that roots and culture will not be trashed in spite of the best efforts of the Reconstructionists who seek to redefine folk music in their own image? With PBS's new love affair with "Roots" music, with the resurgence of the seeds of soul and country, with "Songcatcher" and "Brother, Where Art Thou?" with the popularity and near stardom of trad fiddlers like Allison and Natalie, in the words of that lovely hymn, "How can I keep from singing?"
    I look to the new year with enthusiastic optimism. I have it on the very best authority that some exciting CD's are ready for release and review. I am promised new products from Tim Briton, The Revels, Klez Ms, Frank Malley and, if we're lucky, Full Frontal Folk.

    I have been exploring the web (Does that sound techy enough?) and I am overwhelmed by the plethora of free information and fellowship available to the lover of traditional music. It's not just Mudcat, anymore. As my expertise does not include anything more complicated than a can opener, I have asked Vince Brennan to check on what's out there and what you need to access it. We will see the first fruits of his research next month. If you have a favorite site, let me know. We will scope it, spot it and 'splain it. We will not be covering personal or advertising sites, no matter how amusing or informative they may be.

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