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Posted By: Sandy Paton
30-Apr-03 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
Thanks, Joe. I'm sorry it is taking us so long to get the current list of available "made to order" CDs on the web site. Here's a listing of the ones that have been mastered and are now in stock:
CD-7 - Paddy Tunney - "The Man of Songs" (Irish trad singer)
CD-13 - Hank Ferguson - "Behind These Walls"
CD-14 - Ray Hicks, of Beech Mtn, "Four Traditional Jack Tales"
CD-15 - Lawrence Older - Adirondack songs and ballads
CD-22 - The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, NC, Vol 1
CD-23 - The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, NC, Vol 2
CD-27 - Grant Rogers - Catskill Mountain Songmaker
CD-31 - Rosalie Sorrels - "If I Could Be the Rain"
CD-34 - Norman Kennedy - Traditional Scottish Ballads/Songs
CD-35 - Michael Cooney - "The Cheese Stands Alone"
CD-38 - Sara Grey (with Ed Trickett) - Ballads and Songs
CD-46 - Ed Trickett - "The Telling Takes Me Home"
CD-47 - Jim Ringer - "Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go"
CD-50 - Helen Schneyer - "Ballads, Broadsides & Hymns"
CD-57 - Kendall Morse - "Lights Along the Shore" (Mudcatter)
CD-58 - Joe Hickerson - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol 1"
CD-59 - Joe Hickerson - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol 2"
CD-64 - Ed Trickett - "Gently Down the Stream of Time"
CD-71 - Ian Robb and Hang the Piper
CD-76 - Skip Gorman & Ron Kane - "Powder River" (western)
CD-77 - Jerry Rasmussen - "Get Down Home" (Mudcatter)
CD-78 - Seamus & Manus McGuire - "Humours of Lissadell"
CD-79 - Kendall Morse - "Seagulls & Summer People" (humor)
CD-82 - Jonathan Eberhart - "Life's Trolley Ride"
CD-85 - Helen Bonchek Schneyer - "On the Hallelujah Line"
CD-86 - Sharon Mountain Harmony, A Golden Ring of Gospel
CD-87 - Paul Van Arsdale - "Dulcimer Heritage" (hammered)
CD-90 - Art Thieme - "That's the Ticket!" (Mudcatter)
CD-92 - Ed Trickett - "People Like You"
CD-93 - Cliff Haslam - "The Clockwinder"
CD-100 - S & C Paton - "New Harmony" (Mudcatter)
CD-105 - Art Thieme - "On the Wilderness Road"
CD-107 - Cathy Barton & Dave Para - "On a Day Like Today"
CD-131 - The Boarding Party - "Too Far from the Shore"

And more to come as we can get to them!

Aside to Joe Offer: I've lost track of which ones you have already received from your standing order for all of them, Joe. Please send me a list of those listed above that I owe you now. My heart's in the right place, but my bookkeeping stinks!