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Posted By: CapriUni
02-May-03 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Beltaine Chase Song
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Beltaine Chase Song
Graves' usual confusing mixture of genuine scholarship and wild imagination is too long usefully to quote in full ...

Heh. I have The White Goddess on my shelves, and I read it through many years ago while on Christmas break from college. My impression at the time was that it was like following the thread of one man's intellect into a Gordian Knot and out the other side, and was an entertaining read on that basis alone, regardless of the validity of his arguments.

As for the interpretation of the song The Twa Magicians as being "about" The Goddess and God's seasonal sexual play... As a Neo-Pagan myself, that is how I choose to understand it. Now, that may not have been the intent of the song's original composer[s], but I reserve the right, under the license of "the folk process" to reinterpret this (or any other) song in a way that my life experiences dictate.

And yes, I can see that this song would lend itself well to interpretive dance. I've also often thought that it would work well as a shadow-puppet play.