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Posted By: GUEST,Arne Langsetmo
03-May-03 - 03:19 PM
Thread Name: Anti-Moore 'Revoke the Oscar' website
Subject: RE: Anti-Moore 'Revoke the Oscar' website

Hard to say that the NRA's out protecting the "rights" of normal
gun-owning people after their little diatribe against taggants
in explosives such as balck powder.

Taggants are little microscopic particles that survive the
explosion and can be detected in the debris. They can help
to trace the source of the explosives after a bombing. The
NRA initially resisted this requirement, based on hokey
"evidence" that the taggants would somehow make the explosives
less stable (LOL). But the real reason for their ire was
the idea that there's enough nunguts in the NRA that are
really loony and don't _want_ to make it easier for anyone
to trace any kind of weapons. After coming under criticism,
the NRA did relent on opposing taggants (IIRC), but it does
give a good clue of the makeup and the aims of a good portion
of the NRA.


                               -- Arne Langsetmo