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Posted By: Gareth
05-May-03 - 06:50 PM
Thread Name: 3 score & 10; How big was Grimsby Town?
Subject: RE: 3 score & 10; How big was Grimsby Town?
Uncle DaveO - Not that big, and not that small, but remember in the East Coast Fishing Towns and Villages, the Seafolk were a small close knit community, all interelated.

70 dead was massive loss to that community.

Folk memory, and I no longer live in Whitstable, suggest that about something like 30 souls were lost from there in the Great Storm. Whitstable then had a population of about 5/6000.

Best guess, and it is only a guess would have been about 7/8000 for Grimsby. I will research.

On similar lines ---
"Oh youv'e heard of the Gresford Disaster,
Of the terrible price that was paid,
245 Colliers were lost,
And three men of the Rescue Brigade."

And after the second Senghenydd Explosion 1913 (400 +/-) dead acording to the "Western Mail" "There was not a house in that village that did not have grieving parents, widows or orphens"