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Posted By: khandu
07-May-03 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I knew some mystical force guided my hand to start this thread! Now, it is all becoming clear! And, may I say (beaming with uninhibited pride) that my own Royal Poet-Lariat of Mississippi was the one to see beyond the riff-raff and read the real meaning of this thread!!!

Already, he steps into the annointed position and assumes the stance of "One Who Knows! I am amazed at the speed in which he has risen to the task!

bee-dubya-ell- Royal Poet-Lariat of Mississippi, you shall now be forevermore referred to as THE KNOWER OF THINGS!!!

If it were not improper, I, the King of Mississippi, would bow before you! Ooooo- an important announcement shall be spoken...

Hear Ye, Subjects of the King of Mississippi. Ye shall henceforth bow in the presence of the KNOWER OF THINGS, by Royal Command of the King of Mississippi, khandu.