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Posted By: GUEST,pdc
07-May-03 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Spam and Porn - how to get rid of it?
Subject: RE: BS: Spam and Porn - how to get rid of it?
I subscribe to the Langalist online tech letter run by Fred Langa, who is a first-class computer wizard. He recently mentioned a program that uses a new type of spam prevention (Bayesian), uses practically no resources, is FREE, easy to install and configure. The website (below) states the following:

"K9 is an email filtering application that works in conjunction with your regular POP3 email program and automatically classifies incoming emails as spam (junk email) or non-spam without the need for maintaining dozens of rules or constant updates to be downloaded. It uses intelligent statistical analysis that can result in extremely high accuracy over time.

K9 learns from it's mistakes and becomes better and better at being able to identify spam. More importantly it learns to recognize what you consider to be spam.

K9 is for standard POP3 email accounts only. It does not support Hotmail, AOL or any other kind of webmail type systems."

I found it very effective, and it's worth a try. Here is the website:
Spam filter site

let me know how you like it. Also try the Langalist newsletter -- it comes in a free or a subscription version! I think since I just quoted Fred, I should give him a plug.
Langalist tech letter.