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Posted By: Ted from Australia
13-Jul-99 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Tuners
Subject: RE: Tuners
The Intellitouch sounds great -- but it looks kinda flimsy and I wouldnt like to clamp anything like that to my guitar head so tight that it would not fall off
I have had a Boss TU 12 for about 12 years It's TOUGH having seen me through countless gigs.
It works acoustic or plug in or in line. (You can lend it so another, tunerless insrumentalist with ANY instrument can get in tune)
It has a meter needle and indicator lights (for those dark smokey pubs)
Can be set for A440-A445 (Not often used but sometimes you run across the odd piano pitched to A445)
More importantly it can be set for GUITAR as opposed to fully chromatic(you will have to look at other threads about tuning guitar to find out why this can be so crucial)
OK OK I'll stop sounding like a commercial and tell you that in OZ at least they are EXPENSIVE, but if I lost mine I would buy another straight away. (Shit :-) I'm still sounding like a commercial) I'm sold

Regards, Ted.