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Posted By: jeffs
13-Jul-99 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: Tuners
Subject: RE: Tuners
I have an intellitouch and a boss-12h. The big advantage of the intellitouch is that you can use it in a noisy room. It's also small and light enough to put in a shirt pocket and best of all it shuts itself off automatically. It's chromatic, autoranging (but I don't know what it's lower range is, I use it on my fiddle), and you can set A to something else. I think you can find them for about $45 USD.

The boss is a pretty nice tuner. The things that I don't like are the size and weight and the fact that it will eat batteries if you leave it on. This is not hard since there isn't a power on light. I think there's a guitar (standard tuning only) version but I wouldn't swear to it.