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Posted By: DougR
09-May-03 - 01:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush national guard performance
Subject: RE: BS: Bush national guard performance
Nicole: does that mean that you won't be celebrating the Fourth of July at the White House this year? :>)

My point is, and I'm sure you grasped it, surely something NEW can be found to revile your president, rather than beating this old horse to death again. Maybe he attacked an innocent young girl scout selling cookies door to door, or maybe, oh, I don't know...Bobert!

I've read the Internet reports on his alledged AWOL from the Guard, and have certainly read accounts of it seemingly forever here on the Mudcat. If it's true, it was wrong! Reading the accounts on the Internet, dredged up by people who hate GWB, however, causes me to doubt the truth of it. It is such a juicy story, I wonder that every newspaper in the country hasn't jumped on it with three inch headlines (oh I forgot ...the press is totally controlled by Republicans, right?).