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Posted By: Amos
09-May-03 - 09:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
Subject: RE: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
A child is by nature a liability in day to day operations, meaning that they require support. They make up for it and are actually treasures and joys. But it is the nature of things that they take more than they contribute, generally.

Sure, some people relish having victims in order to show how generous and strong they are. I wasn't addressing the question of charity cases or disabled people. The disabled people I have known who were true adults managed to make themselves productive and contributing anyway. They cared to add value to the business of llife.

There are plenty of opportunities in the world to demonstrate compassion and the other virtues you mention without adding to the list, I would suggest. It is not "adult" in my view to go about becoming destitute or broken, in order to provide others an opportunity for generosity.