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Posted By: Bobert
10-May-03 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush national guard performance
Subject: RE: BS: Bush national guard performance
First of all, Daddy Bush was influencial in getting Bush the Junior into the Air National Guard.

Secondly, the costs to the American taxpayers to trian a piolet in the Air National Guard exceeds $100,000.

Now we come to thirdly. After completing training, Bush the junior was to busy womanizing, partying and snorting coke to live up to a contract he had with the government.

Which leads us to fourthly: Bush the Junior *stole* my tax dollars!

Then he *stole* the election.

And now we seeing him landing on an air craft carrier, again at the expense of my tax dollars, aftern the Texas Air National Gurad goriunded him! Hmmmmmm?

Hey, all you Bushites. I didn't like Clointon one bit but at least he was just a *liar*. You guy is a *liar* and the *theif*. No two ways about it....

So defend that, Doug, et al. What say you in *defense* other that Bobert needs to get back on his meds? Yeah, where is your defense?