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Posted By: Bobert
11-May-03 - 12:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush national guard performance
Subject: RE: BS: Bush national guard performance
Yo, lepper.... Bite me! Awww, jus' funnin'. Heck, I don't want you that close to nuthin' that I care about.... Ahhhh, like I've said, "flyin'" ain't the problem. It's the *landin*. Tell you what, if I get Junior to pledge to the "Will He Land or Crash", will you fly 2nd seat? Oh, sujre, you'll say "yeah" but Vegas has it 73-1 the Junior crashes the plane. Ahhhh, lep, I don't have to remind you, ahhhhh do I, that when you crash an F-16 trying to hit ai aircraft carrier, that you no longer have to be concerned about that baloon payment comin' up..... Know what I mean...

As fir you gettin your jollies votin' fir an administration that doesn't give a crap about you, the history of this great country ot the constitution... knock yerseff out! Hey, differentt strokes fir different folks...

BTW, my plants are about a foot high now. I just topped 'em so they'll bush out. Got 'em mulched up good and they're sittin in 50% cow manure. Ain't 'cha proud? I figgurd you'd be...