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11-May-03 - 05:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Black Waters (Jean Ritchie)
Does anyone have the lyrics for "Black Waters" by Jean Ritchie? Some of it goes (somthing) like this:

(?Oh) I come from the mountains, Kentucky's my home
Where the wild deer and the black bear so lately did roam
By cool rushing waterfall the wild flowers green
And through every green valley there runs a clear stream
(Can't remember this line, and not sure if the next is right)
Clear waters, clear waters, run down through my land

Basically the theme is about a ?coal mine causing the clear waters to blacken. In a later verse, she talks about:

If I had ten million, somewhere thereabouts
I would buy Perry County and I'd run 'em all out
(Can't remember this line)
Black Waters, Black Waters, no more in my land

Is there a Perry county in Kentucky, and if so, does anyone know if there is or was a mine there (Kentucky is I suppose famous for coal mining). I suppose one would be lucky to buy a county for ten billio dollars rather than ten million!