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Posted By: Bobert
11-May-03 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush national guard performance
Subject: RE: BS: Bush national guard performance
Yeah, lepper, I'll go back in August with the Bat guano. To early fir that crap. Just burn 'em up. But that composted cow manure works real good but its gotta be composed and not fresh. Fresh is good fir 'shrooms but I'z ain't into that heavy stuff any more. Might of fact I ain't into the pot too much either. I just grow it to sell to school kids... (Ahhh, Bobert? Lep ain't gonna believe that you sell pot to school kids!...) Okay, I lied. But I do like the thrill of doing it and getting away with it, which either Iz purdy good at or have been darned lucky. Who knows, this may be the October when I take an emptt back pack up there and have you jump out from behind a tree and haul my butt in. Who knows? Ahhhh, you'd probably just take you a little bag o' weed and tell me to get lost.

Ahhhhh, I'm still watchin' the odds on Junior Bush sucsessfully landing an F-16 on a carrier deck and they're now at 84-1 that he crashes the plane. Well, I will give him credit 'cause he's got me beat out. I'm at 96-1 on crashing the danged thing but I think I could drop a tail draggin Cub on the deck without no hook, but it don't matter, 'cause it looks like the military isn't going to offer me any opportunities.