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Posted By: Bobert
11-May-03 - 10:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush national guard performance
Subject: RE: BS: Bush national guard performance
Like I said, lep, ain't about flyin' em. It's about landin' the danged things. When me an' my brother gotta fly anywhere, I take off and fly us where we gotta go and he, ahhh, lands... Like big whop! No really, it is big whop. I hate landing planes. I've got two landings under my belt and hated both of 'em...

Ahhh, Bush's odds are now at 116-1 the he crashes. Mine? Ahhhh, not too bad with a 114-1. Hey, I ain't never flown no jet so I dopn't know why Iz shot ahaed of the "Aviator of the Century" but I'll take it...