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Posted By: catspaw49
13-May-03 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
Subject: RE: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
Interesting answers...........My Mom died when I etered college and my Dad died just after I finished. Both of these things had a major impact on my outlook. A few years later, I sold the house I'd grown up in and bought another in a different state...a major change. It may be that it was there that I felt the most "adult" before or since. From there on I was working in pretty well paying jobs and spending every cent. sometimes more.

When I met and married Karen I was 36 and it was like being a kid again. I was 42 when we adopted out first son Tristan, and 43 when we got Michael. Although we have been pretty responsible parents, the kids (including our 25 foster kids) have made us both feel quite old and quite young, but not necessarily grown up. As Mike and Tris grow, I feel less like an adult all the time except in those moments when I have to "The Parent" and not just "Dad."

I dunno' PT.......Interesting question really........

I would submit that if you are actively posting on the "Spaw's Birthday" or "Mother of All" threads, you ain't made it to adulthood yet.....Or you have zoomed past it into early senility with more than a soupcon of imbecility in your veins.