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Posted By: ooh-aah
13-May-03 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Death of the Fox (Magpie Lane)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Death Of The Fox (Magpie Lane)
Alas I've just lent my tape to a friend, so I can only remember bits:

Some gentlemen take great delight
In hunting bold Reynard the fox
On yon stony(? common I lived
And I lived upon fat geese and ducks
I lived upon fat geese and ducks
Never knowing so soon I should die
I was chased by a pack of fresh hounds
Which caused me my country to fly

As through the wide country I rambled
I lived an extravagent rate
Young lambs I took for me living
The farmers they all did me hate
All for me lords hounds they did send, Cherry Blossom (a hound?)he swore I should die
But I left two brothers behind me
Who luck have had better than I.

At least one missing verse about the chase here

Twas down in yon ....? they killed
Oh there I was forced to die
The hounds they tore me to pieces
They made me old jacket to fly
So now you bold Reynard have killed
You may go to the Dolphin and dine
And dip my foot (?) in a full bumper
And drink my lord's health in good wine.

Sorry I can't remember more... if you're really keen, ask again in a week or two, when I should have my tape back.