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Posted By: Rapparee
13-May-03 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
Subject: RE: BS: When do you become a grownup? (Study)
My father died when I was 5. I wasn't grown up.

I wasn't grown up when I got a driver's license, started to smoke tobacco, got my first kiss, graduated from high school, had lessons for trumpet and piano, went to basic training, went to college, was called up with my reserve unit for the Vietnam War, served in Korea, came home, went back to college, graduated college, went to graduate school, quit grad school and took a job. I wasn't grown up when I got married, even though I was 28. Finally getting a Master's degree didn't do it, either.

My mother died when I was 36. I still wasn't grown up.

Since I've been married I've visited every State in the US except Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii; quite a few of the Canadian Provinces; several countries; been an invited speaker at a meeting at Cambridge University; headed a national organization; owned several cars and purchased three washers and two dryers, and done a lot of other stuff.

I'm still not grown up.

I learned to handle firearms safely at 12 and I've fired more bullets than I care to remember without any untoward incidents. I can drive a car at ridiculous speeds without crashing. I can operate computers, including great big servers, and use Windows, Unix, and Linus operating systems. I've installed at least one entire computer network from beginning to end.

I'm still not a grown up.

I can cook and I can sew, I can keep the house right tity, and wake up in the morning to get the breakfast ready. Nope, not grown up.

Maybe being grown up is not growning up?????? Never-Never Land, here I come!!!!