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Posted By: GUEST,Shiney Knause
13-May-03 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Hello Mudcat Fokes,

Mah nem iz Shiney Knause, pernownsed "Shi-nee Ka-nowse". Ah berlieb youn's hab all reddy met thet worfless peece uv dawg-doo, Sheeney Knause. Fer wunce in his mizzerble life thet varmint wuz rite 'bout sumfin. He don' like me 'n Ah shore az Hell don' like hem. Lotsa peeples seems t' thank thet sense ar nems 'r so simular thet we iz brutherz er sumfin. Nuffin cood be futher ferm th' troof. He iz a low-life peece uv buzzard-bate.

Whut he duz thet piss me off so bad iz go 'roun t' places lak this'n on this Innernet thang 'n post hatefull, spitefull n' enflametary thangs. Then he hawlz ass off somere's else. Well, Ah uzhally cumz along a fue dayz later 'n when peeple sees mah nem thay go, "Thet's thet ass-hole thet said blah, blah, blah!" 'n choo'z me a new ass-hole wen Ah ain't dun a damm thang rong 'sept t' hab a simular nem to thet worfless sack uv maggits.

Well, az youn's kin see, Ah'm 'bout t' ketch up wid thet horse turd. Ah iz only a fue ours behin' hem now. 'N wen Ah ketches uppta hem ya'll jus bedder look out! 'Cause sparkz iz gonna bygodd fly thet's gonna mek th' Fortha July look lak a prayer meetin'! Yu heer me, Sheeney Knause? Ah'm cummin' after yore worfless ass! 'N Ah'm closer then yu thank, yu bagga pon' slime!

O, by th' way, th stuff thet th' sack uv snakeshit sed 'bout ya'll fokes iz mos'ly lies. Ah kin unnerstan' all uv yuns purty good 'sept fer thet Amos feller. He'z ferm thet Caleefornya place, ain't he?