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Posted By: JedMarum
14-May-03 - 01:10 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Allan Block (of Sandal Shop fame) - 2013
Subject: RE: Allan Block (of Sandal Shop fame)
Well I'll be darned! I am happy to hear Allan is still out there fiddling and more. I played a coffeehouse with Allan many years ago in Maynard Massachusetts. He was struggling with his 5th string tuner and asked the audience if anyone had a small screw driver. I handed him my pocket knife, which did the trick - and before he handed it back he said, "Oh my. This is a Barlow knife. I know a song about a Barlow knife and I've never ever come across a real one before!" Well, I didn't think that odl pocket knife was so special to me, but since he found it so I was pleased to give it to him. You'd think I'd done th emost amazing and generous thing! He just went on about it. Played his song, and told the story.

Years later I was at a festival in New Hampshire and was just coming into the park as Allan was on-stage. He was telling the Barlow knife story - and how this fella out in Maynard MA gave him a real Barlow knife, and he was still caryying it! LOL - what a trip. I told my friend, "hey he's talking about me!" but friend wasn't impressed.

Anyway - that's my Alan Block story.

If ya see him, please remember me to him. I only saw/heard that one night and a bit of the festival. I surely enjoyed him!