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Posted By: open mike
17-May-03 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: HELP: Personal Website Copyright Issues
Subject: RE: HELP: Personal Website Copyright Issues
i had an issue happen once.
I took a picture of Michael Hedges.
I sent it to his web master to include
on his web page. Before we knew it, someone
had grabgbed the image, and made it the
cover of their bootleg album. (blush--
I was flattered that they should find
my foto their favorite!) The lawyer for
the estate of Michael chased down the'
culprit, because many of us thought
that using his material for personal
gain, and not for the support of his
widow and children was not only improper,
'but illegal. I was asked if permission
was rtequested for the use of my ;icture.
I believe it is understood that if material
is yours, you have the right to it, and can
protect your interest in your creations. It
is implied that a picture (therefor a song?)
which you ahve created is your "property"
Good luck Charley...and I hope ai get to
hear your songs....the home made ones are the best!!
(home grown ones?)