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Posted By: Easy Rider
15-Jul-99 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Tuners
Subject: RE: Tuners - Tuning
"One related item. The tuners described here seem to all be chromatic (including mine). I am sure these are tuned to a well-temered scale whereas the guitar is tuned to an equal tempered scale. Because of this, once you tune your strings to the tuner, you will find that some fretted notes are a few cents off and with these meters it looks like a lot. Don't get worried that your guitar has faulty intonation. (Of course, if you want to start really picking nits, you should have never tuned your strings well-tempered anyway ;-}" --------------------------------------------------------

I know what equal tempered tuning is (even distances between all notes), but what is well tempered tuning? The Intellitouch literature says it uses equal tempered tuning.

I have noticed that, after I get the open string in perfect tune, some of the fretted notes, on that string, are off by cents (how much is a cent?). I have even noticed that the fretted note, at the twelfth fret, the octave, is off a little, on some strings. My ear isn't good enough to be bothered by this, but I wonder if the intonation should be adjusted for those strings?