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Posted By: Charley Noble
17-May-03 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: HELP: Personal Website Copyright Issues
Subject: RE: HELP: Personal Website Copyright Issues
Blackcatter - I like your approach! Thanks!

Now I need to sort out what to say about categories of my favorite songs:

1.        My lyrics/My tune

2.        My lyrics/Traditional tune

3.        My lyrics/Someone else's tune

4.        Someone else's lyrics/My tune

5.        Someone's else's lyrics/Someone else's tune

6.        My adapted lyrics/My adapted tune

7.        Traditional lyrics/Traditional tune

1, 2, and 7 seem straight forward. However, I need to secure "used with permission" for 3, 4 and 5; they won't be posted until permission is granted.

6 is that murky muddle where a lot of what I do should be categorized; I'm thinking of composed songs/poems where I've made some changes to wording and some changes to the tune. A good example of this would be Henry Lawson's poem "The Outside Track' which I credit as follows:

Words by Henry Lawson, © 1896; original tune by Gerry Hallom © 1982
Primarily from the singing of Margaret Walters and John Warner,
Who Was Here? CD, Feathers & Wedge © 1997
Words and tune modified by Charlie Ipcar (aka Charley Noble), 2002

I'll just have to puzzle these one out, leaving them off the website until I've resolved the questions.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Charley Noble