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Posted By: Wolfgang
20-May-03 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
Subject: RE: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
Had I written a novel about a British top spy in the IRA, I had not even dreamt about using the name Alfredo Scappaticci for the spy. And I had also not dreamt to make him head of the IRA's internal security unit (nicknamed "nutting squad" from their method of killing) responsible for questioning, torturing and killing other informers (imagined or real). Top Britsh spy killing British spies of lesser importance in order not to be found out. Some tough questions for the British remain unanswered so far.

It is interesting to read Sinn Fein's statements about Scappaticci. First, it took them much longer than usual to issue a statement. Second, their statement is very, very short in comparison to their usual statments about issue of such an importance for republicans. They mainly repeat his own statement denying everything. I'd say from their statement, they believe the allegation to be probably true.

Interesting is also the lack of a statement of G. Adams so far what he believes about his long-time bodyguard to be true.

Interesting is the motive that has been reported: revenge. Scappaticci is said to have walked into a police station more or less immediately after a punishment beating by the IRA. The Irish don't seem to have the same prejudices about people from Italian descent we have in Germany: If you beat an Italian you have to be careful for the rest of your life for he never will forget or forgive.

My personal guess: He was on the British payroll, may even have been the one called stakeknife ('steak knife' in other documents), but the top British informer in the IRA is still not known. Scappaticci is sacrificed to protect an informer higher up. Even if Scappaticci isn't stakeknife and is innocent (of informing) leaking his name to the press now can be seen as protecting someone else.