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Posted By: j0_77
15-Jul-99 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: Tuners
Subject: RE: Tuners
Oh dear here we go again - tuning is about pitch which used to be detectd by errrr listening. A harmonic sound does not 'have to' start at any pitch - you can start at any 'tension' for the root note string. Electronic tuners cannot help here. Its up to your ears to make the chord :) If you must use one of these devices after tuning make a chord and check each note in that. Suprised will you be that some of the notes are 'off' and the chord does sound out. I once had the misfortune to sit next to a Martin Guitarist who both used a digital tuner and a bad set up soooo when playing in G (Popular key these days) the root note off of the Bass E String was SHARP - This particular guitar makes a big NOISE on the bass strings sooo the whole chord came out like yeucchhhh. But the player (tone deaf) just kept walloping away. I rest my case. GET RID OF THESE digital lying tuners OR train people how to use em. I prefer the former -