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20-May-03 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: The Black Fox (Graham Pratt)
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: THE BLACK FOX
Dave Bryant pointed out in the thread Lyr Req: Doll Thy Ale (Graham and Eileen Pratt) (another of Graham's songs) that the tune for The Black Fox in the DT (Black Fox ) did not seem correct ("Unfortunately the tune has been somewhat changed - it's not as modal as the original"). It's certainly not the tune that Graham and Eileen sing on To Friend And Foe, so I give that tune below, along with Graham's harmony. The tune is in some sense more modal - mixolydian/aeolian (half the tune in each).

The lyric transcription above is almost correct for the Graham and Eileen version but there are a few errors so I give the words from there are well.


X: 1
T:The Black Fox
C:Words & Tune: Graham Pratt
S:Graham & Eileen Pratt LP: To Friend And Foe
(c/d/)|e a (g/f/) (e/d/)|d e2
w:As_ we were out_ a_hunt-ing
c|e a (g/f/) (e/d/)|d3
w:One morn-ing in_ the_ Spring
(c/d/)|[K:AAeo] e a g (e/d/)|(c/d/) c A
w:Both_ hounds and hors-es_ run_ning well
A/ B/|c c d (c/B/)|A3||
w:Made the hills and val-leys_ ring
"Graham's Harmony"A|c c B A|G A2
w:Up spoke our mas-ter hunts-man
A/ A/|c c B A|G3
w:At the head of hounds rode he
B|[K:AAeo]A A c/ c/ c/ B/|A A A>
w:Well we have rid-den for a full three hours
G|F F G G|A3||
w:But no fox have we seen

(Graham Pratt)

As we were out a-hunting
One morning in the Spring,
Both hounds and horses running well
Made the hills and valleys ring.

But to our great misfortune
No fox could there be found
And the huntsmen cursed and swore, but still
No fox moved over the ground.

Up spoke our master huntsman,
At the head of hounds rode he,
"Well we have ridden for a full three hours
But no fox have we seen".

"And there is strength still in me
And I will have my chase
And if only the Devil himself come by
We'd run him such a race".

And then there sprang like lightning
A fox from out his hole
His fur was the colour of a starless night
His eyes like burning coal.

They chased him over the valley.
They chased him over the field.
They chased him down to the river bank,
But never would he yield.

He's jumped into the water
And he's swam to the other side.
He's laughed so loud that the greenwood shook
Then he's turned to the huntsmen and cried.

"Ride on!, my gallant huntsmen.
When must I come again?
Oh never shall you want a fox
To chase along the plain."

"Oh, and when your need is greatest
Just call upon my name
And I will come and you shall have
The best of sport and game."

All the men looked up in wonder,
All the hounds ran back to hide,
For the fox had changed to the Devil himself
Where he stood at the other side.

And men and hounds and horses
Went flying back to town
And hard on their heels came the little black fox,
A-laughing as he ran.

"Ride on!, my gallant huntsmen.
When must I come again?
Oh never shall you want a fox
To chase along the plain."

Source: Graham & Eileen Pratt LP To Friend And Foe