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Thread Name: Tune Add: Patrick Was a Gentleman
[From songbook of 1828]

Saint Patrick was a gentelman, and came o' dacent people,
He built a church in Dublin town, and upon it put a steeple;
His mother was a Callaghan, his father was a Brady,
His sister was an O'Houlihan, and his brother an O'Grady.
      Noh! noh! noh! noh!
      Success attend St. Patrick's fist, for he's a dacent saint O;
      He gave the bugs and toads a twist, he's a beauty without paint, O!

The Wicklow hills are very high, and so's the hill of Howth, too;
But I know a hill that's twice as high, and taller than them both, too,
'Twas on the top of that high mount where St. Patrick praeched his sarmint,
He made the frogs jump through the bogs, and he banished all the varmint.
      Noh! noh! &c.

No wonder that we Irish boys should be so gay and frisky,
For Saint Patrick thaught the happy knack of drinking of the whiskey.
'Twas he that brewed the best o' malt, and understood distilling,
For his mother kept a sheeban shop, in the town of Inniskillen.
      Noh! noh! &c.

Then should I be so fortunate as to go back to Munster,
Och! I'll be bound that from that ground, again I ne'er would once stir.
'Twas there St. Patrick planted turf, and plenty of the praties,
With pigs galore, a grah m'estore, and butter-milk and ladies.
      Noh! noh! &c.

T:Saint Patrick was a Gentleman
S:Clinton's Gems of Ireland, c 1840 (via SITM)
e3/2d/|cAAA EAAA|BGGB d2 e3/2d/|cAAA EAAA|BGGB f2 ez/d/|\
ceee aeee|ceee a2 a3/2b/|c'ag^g ae ed/c/|BGGGB d2.e3/2d/2|\
cAAA EAAA|BGGBd2e3/2d/|cAAA EAAa|aee3/2d/ cB .A2|]

Song and tune are also in J. Henderson's 'Flowers of Irish Melody', Belfast, 1847.