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Posted By: DonMeixner
22-May-03 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: Banjo Talk - Long Neck and Head Tension
Subject: RE: Banjo Talk - Long Neck and Head Tension

Some of the difference in tones are caused by the neck angle or the string angle over the bridge. My Ode has a great accoustic sound in all applications. Except electric which, even with a PUTW Banjo Pickup, sounds marginal. I also play in "G" and capo everywhere. I leave one on all the time at 3 and capo evrywhere else with a second capo. I also use a Shubb slider on the fifth string. I never play lower than "G" because with my fingers I can't make the reaches.

But my five has the heaviest strings I can find, the steepest angle I can make on the bridge, and the neck is angled alittle bit to help the angle on the strings. This gives it some pretty good tone and drive. Also the top is probably too tight.