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Posted By: Maryrrf
22-May-03 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Cheap fiddle, so what
Subject: RE: Cheap fiddle, so what
Plenty of people have learned to play on a not so great instrument, and let's face it, not everybody can afford top of the line. One of the best fiddlers I know plays a fiddle he found at the dump. Also there are stories of old time fiddlers who made their own out of odds and ends (I have no idea how). We've had a couple of threads about luthiers, etc. being snobbish and making condescending remarks about people's instruments - I've had it happen to me. This is rude and uncalled for. They're being paid to perform a service and should just go ahead and do it. I wouldn't pay any attention. Enjoy the fiddle you bought and if the time comes when you want a better one then get one.